fortheloveofgodIf you enjoy medical drama, you’ll love For the Love of God, a novel that accurately depicts what happens when a cult denies sick children lifesaving medical care.

While this is fiction, the novel shows practices that continue to this day.

Do not misconstrue this novel as anti-religious…it’s against those who would sacrifice children for their own beliefs.

An incidental and shocking discovery of a cave with tiny unmarked graves shatters the peace of Exton, a small town in upstate N.Y.

More horrifying is the forensic analysis that reveals that these young children died needlessly as the result of neglect and abuse at the hands of a religious fundamentalist cult that disavows medical care.

Fundamentalists and their political action groups come to the defense of the cult and the parents of the dead children setting the stage for the final courtroom clash to come.

The sheriff, an investigative reporter, the local coroner and two forensic experts from Albany develop the case. When the county DA, a fundamentalist, resists vigorous prosecution, the Governor of New York intervenes and appoints Rosemary and Calvin Brandt to represent the State and speak for the dead children. These controversial attorneys and former fundamentalists have devoted their lives to the protection of children.

The final courtroom clash sets freedom of religion against the State’s responsibility to protect innocent children.

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Cast the First Stone: A Rebecca Stone Mystery

castthefirststoneCozy mystery CAST THE FIRST STONE introduces Los Angeles business reporter Rebecca Stone. In her first amateur sleuth case she is asked to help determine whether the murder of a Wharton professor spending the summer term at UCLA is connected to The Wharton School.

But when this request requires Rebecca to work with a former fiance who dumped her to focus on his Wall Street career, Rebecca is confronted with the moral dilemma of whether the price of Wharton team spirit is too high.

Meanwhile, she tries to improve her cooking skills to impress her current fiance. He doesn’t know about her former one and Rebecca intends to keep it that way!

Recipes from the Jewish holiday book SEASONS FOR CELEBRATION by Rabbi Karen L. Fox and Phyllis Zimbler Miller (available on Amazon) are included in this cozy mystery.

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disavowedMarine Major B. Andrews…on loan to the CIA…captured in Afghanistan…disavowed by the Agency…

Shortly before being captured, Major “Andy” Andrews, USMC, had time to make one phone call, to his best friend Cal Stokes. Now left to rot in a cell in Helmand Province, Andy’s time is almost up.

Will Cal and his team from The Jefferson Group be in time to save Andy? Will the CIA help, or get in the way? What are the political implications should their mission succeed?

Follow Cal on his latest mission, and find out what happens when the layers of Afghanistan get peeled back…

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No Game for a Dame

nogameforadameA .38, a nip of gin and sensational legs get Depression-era private eye Maggie Sullivan out of most scrapes – until a stranger threatens to bust her nose, she’s hauled in on suspicion of his murder and she finds herself in the cross-hairs of a crime boss with connections at City Hall.

Moving through streets where people line up at soup kitchens, Maggie draws information from sources others overlook:  The waitress at the dime store lunch counter where she has breakfast; a ragged newsboy; the other career girls at her rooming house.

Her digging gets her chloroformed and left in a ditch behind the wheel of her DeSoto.  She makes her way to an upscale bordello and gets tea – and information – from the madam herself.

A gunman puts a bullet through Maggie’s hat.  Her shutterbug pal on the evening paper warns her off.  A new cop whose presence unsettles her thinks she’s crooked.  Before she finds all the answers she needs, she faces a half-crazed man with a gun, and a far more lethal point-blank killer.

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Floyd Mayweather vs The All Time Greats

mayweatherFloyd Mayweather is critiqued and analyzed in fantasy match-ups against the following fighters: Alexis Arguello, Henry Armstrong, Carmen Basilio, Wilfred Benitez, Tony Canzoneri, Antonio Cervantes, Julio Cesar Chavez, Donald Curry, Roberto Duran, Kid Gavilan, Emile Griffith, Thomas Hearns, Julian Jackson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike McCallum, Jimmy McLarnin, John Mugabi, Jose Napoles, Terry Norris, Carlos Ortiz, Aaron Pryor, Sugar Ray Robinson, Luis Rodriguez, Barney Ross, Felix Trinidad, Kostya Tszyu, Pernell Whitaker and Winky Wright.

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vesselFrom the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller ‘Where the Dead Walk’.

‘When Holly Reilly finds herself on the run carrying a piece of technology with the potential to change what it even means to be human, she calls the only person she trusts with the skills necessary to keep her alive, her estranged husband, Gabriel.

Gabe and Holly soon find themselves caught in a secret conflict which has raged for centuries, a battle poised to spill into the modern world, threatening chaos and bloodshed.’

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OnLine Dating Mastery

datingmastery“Online Dating Mastery” is an irreverent guide to help you navigate the online dating jungle. This book gives you specific tips to help you find the relationship that you deserve. Online dating is a maze of lies and deceit, fake profiles and scam artists. They say you can’t judge a book by the cover, but this book will help you sift through the bimbos and flakes and help you find that special companion.

This guide reveals:

How to create a great profile that attracts
How to answer e-Harmony’s questionnaire
How to craft engaging e-mails that get a response
The best dating sites to use
Christian vs secular dating sites
How to spot a fake profile
Communication tips and strategies
What is the most important thing in your profile
What is the best time to send messages
How to “telegraph” your value
Dating strategies
Numerous other tips and practices to ensure success

Buy at the special discounted low price now! Online dating is a competitive world with its own language. Let this book be your guide to success with beautiful women.

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Meditation for Beginners

meditationPresented in an irreverent fashion, Yogi teacher Sam Gupta takes the beginner by the hand and gets them started in the practice of meditation.

Using the techniques included in this book, you will discover how easy it is to learn meditation and enjoy the positive benefits in your life.

You will learn:

Why you should meditate and the effects it has on your physiology
The best places to meditate
Learn how to FOCUS and how that spills over into other aspects of your life
What time of day is best
The proper diet
How to stay disciplined
Breathing techniques
You will learn all of the above and more in this beginner’s guide to meditation and spiritual recharging.

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The Haunting of Sam Cabot (A Novel)

thehauntingThere are places that hold evil, houses so vile, so tainted, that people refuse to live in them. Farnham House is one of those places. Once an inn, this majestic old New England manor house is back on the market, and the price is very reasonable. Sam Cabot is a man tired of moving. Now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life in the country with his wife and young son. Little does he know that he will soon begin a long, slow descent into madness and that he will spend his summer living with dead things.

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rewiredBrad Barkley is a college student who is given an assignment to develop a working android. He creates Tricia, but takes it a step further by making her a representation of his ideal woman. His creation of Tricia becomes increasingly expensive, resulting in the need for him to find alternative sources of money. He joins an online community, where he meets and falls in love with a woman named Priscilla.

When Priscilla mysteriously disappears, Brad begins an earnest investigation to find her. But the deeper Brad immerses himself into the investigation, the more his friends and family worry about his sanity. In the mean time, Tricia has learned to function on her own, and unknowing to Brad, has begun her own study into the human psyche in a quest to save her creator from his consuming obsession.

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A Shade of Kiev

shadeofkievFrom the million-bestselling author of the A Shade of Vampire series, comes an enchanting new tale of romance and intrigue…

“They say women can’t help adoring the dark, tormented antihero.

And it’s true.

Until they meet me.

One look into my blood-red eyes, and they run screaming.

I have darkness and torment aplenty. More than enough to dig my claws into the chest of a woman I’m in love with, and rip out her heart with my bare hands.

You see, I’m a different breed of antihero than you’ve likely ever come across…

My name is Kiev Novalic. I am a vampire, and a murderer.

Having betrayed the trust of my own kind and that of the enemies I sold myself to, I have three days left to live.

I stare at the girl in the cell opposite mine.

Mona, she calls herself. A witch born without magic.

She might be my key to freedom, but I should know to stay away.

I should know: some scars are etched too deep to heal.”

Can you handle the red-eyed monster?

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specialagentWhen Special Agent Finnegan O’Reilly gets shot, and the news brings on his father’s heart attack, he decides to take leave from further undercover assignments. The O’Reilly has suffered enough and Finn can’t be the cause of more distress for this beloved old rascal. Then his boss forces one more case on him – to take place in their own pub. Acting as the target to expose serial, suicide killers rampaging through New York City, Finn must play the part of a wife-beater, a cheating husband and an all-time jerk. No problem, until he meets his make-believe wife.

Renee Knight enjoys her job as a New York City cop. Her disguises have become a permanent fixture in her life, and no one knows what she really looks like. Except for the father she loves fiercely… the man, whose suicide makes no sense. If it means going undercover in an Irish pub where the culprits hang out, she’s their girl. Playing the wife of the bar owner to catch the killers-easy. But they never intend for her to fall for this guy, she does this all on her own. Now she has to hire the assassins to arrange his suicide. Can she catch them, before they complete the mission?

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First, Do No Harm

firstdonoharmIf you believe that television, movies, or medical fiction, accurately portray what it’s like to be an acute care physician or a critically ill patient in a hospital today, think again.

Dr. Joseph Polk is an intelligent, charismatic, and powerful member of the medical staff at Brier Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. This once brilliant physician, a functional psychopath for most of his career, has decompensated.
Nurses and front-line physicians see Polk’s indifference, incompetence, and stubborn cruelty, but the medical staff and the hospital administration are willfully blind. Patients suffer, and worse.

Jack Byrnes has finally completed his training in Intensive Care Medicine and joins Brier Hospital’s medical staff.
Jack has been well trained to care for patients, but he’s woefully unprepared to deal with Joe Polk, the medical staff, enraged nurses, and the hospital’s administration.

The strength of First, Do No Harm lies in the authenticity of the medical setting and the struggles of patients and physicians. Joe Polk is a very different kind of villain.

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