Max Powers and Project Gemini

“Max Powers and Project Gemini” is a middle grade adventure series that uses current cutting edge technology instead of magic or the supernatural to capture your imagination. Max Powers is your typical 12-year-old genius. When Max arrives at Scientopia, the world’s most technically advanced amusement park, the park thinks he’s the original owner, giving him unrestricted access. Max accidentally discovers that there’s a secret technology hidden in the park. Soon, Max is caught in the middle of a race to find the mysterious “Project Gemini.”

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Infinite Being: The Arrival

A mind bending space adventure. It’ll make you laugh, melt your brain, and kick you in the guts. The Alien… His name is Four and he’s one of the last of his kind. He’s been alone and wandering the universe since before time existed. Now he’s found us. But will first contact destroy the human race? There’s a dark force coming to devour the planet and the alien is the only one who can save it. Only Four doesn’t remember who he is. The moment he steps off the ship he’s transformed into a human, and in the blink of an eye he’s got a teenage daughter and a missing wife. He’s forgotten his mission and the danger in the universe. The only thing on his mind is how to raise a teenager. Of course none of it will matter if the planet explodes. Will Four choose to save the earth if the only way to save it is by losing his daughter forever?

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