Glamorous: A Grace Bishop Novel

A serial killer preys on homeless girls. Only her powers can stop him.

Grace is a survivor.

Haunted by the memories of the car accident that killed her brother and brought her police career to an end, she’s determined to bring wrongdoers to justice as a PI.

Little do her clients know that the accident gave her more than nightmares; it gave her paranormal abilities she can’t explain.

When she agrees to help a friend solve a mystery involving missing homeless girls, Grace is drawn into a secret world of Paranorms and The Family that rules them. It’s a supernatural haven for potential friends and deadly evil, and this discovery alters her reality forever.

With the killer still at large, Grace must use her powers to put an end to his murder spree, even if she ends up being the one in the cross-hairs.

Glamorous is the first book in a series of urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. If you enjoy intriguing mystery, new and distinctive paranormal worlds, and a riveting plot, then you’ll love this new series starter.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from February 1 – 10, 2018

Dance of the Devil’s Trill

Catharina Spokane attempts to care for her ex-Marine brother who suffers from PTSD after returning home from war. No amount of pleading can convince him to stay off the streets among the other homeless vets. Between starting a new coffee business in a luxury hotel and dodging the insufferable owner, Damien Cruz, she volunteers at a soup kitchen for the undesirables of the city. When a stranger arrives to listen as she plays the violin for the forgotten, Catharina learns he is the one they call the Watcher. His mission is to protect the unfortunate souls of the street and the priest who guides them. Catharina finds herself drawn into a conspiracy of greed contrived by the city’s mayor and a dangerous love forbidden by God. The price forces her to choose between good and evil in a desperate act to save those she has endangered.

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