The Terrible and great year of Molly Evans

Molly is a third year dental student at Otago University who is determined to be diligent in her studies. However student life and partying get in the way. After a brutal attack Molly begins to question everything she has known and looks for hope and peace, sometimes in the wrong way. This leads her into the drug scene in Dunedin and into the occult with some devastating consequences. Her aunt and uncle have found comfort in their faith. As an atheist this doesn’t resonate with Molly. Will Molly find the peace she is looking for.

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The Tour

the-tourEvery week Conor O’Shea collects a new group of American visitors from Shannon Airport from where they embark on a high end voyage of the ‘Real Ireland.’ But this particular tour, with its cast of unintentionally hilarious characters, presents seasoned tour guide Conor with dilemmas that render him speechless for the first time in his life.

Among this eclectic group are Corlene, a gold-digging multiple divorcee on the prowl; Patrick, a love-starved Boston cop; Dylan, a goth uilleann piper; Dorothy, a poisonous college professor who wouldn’t spend Christmas; Elliot, a wall street shark who finally shows his true colours; and then there’s Ellen, back on Irish soil after so many years, to discover a truth nobody could have guessed, least of all herself. And that’s just a few of the colourful cast.

The locals they meet on their journey, eccentric West Brits, passionate musicians, Ukrainian waitresses and Garda high flyers all help to make this a tour no-one will ever forget.

And of course there’s Conor O’Shea in the thick of it all, solving problems and mending hearts, but what about his own?

This is a story filled with romance, humour, history, culture and a little bit of mystery all against the backdrop of the beautiful and inspirational Emerald Isle

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Almost Right with the World

almost-rightPassionella Davenport has been unwilling to risk her heart since her husband Fletcher, an off-Broadway director, confessed his preference for men. Now, ten years later, she is about to get a second chance at life and love in the unlikeliest of places. Divorced, unemployed, and running out of money, she journeys to rural Newbridge, Connecticut, to house sit Fletcher’s boyhood home-and falls hard for Jeff Woodrow, a local woodworker and weekend musician. In every way, Jeff is the opposite of Fletcher-masculine, rugged, handy-and when he grabs her in a passionate embrace, she feels wanted.

But there’s a problem. Jeff’s ex-wife Julie is Passionella’s new next-door neighbor and new best friend. And one thing is becoming inconveniently clear: Julie is just not ready to let Jeff go. As Passionella gets entangled in an increasingly complex love triangle, she must ask herself: Is Jeff the life partner she has been secretly longing for, or just another Mr. Almost Right?

Hilarious and heartbreaking by turns, Almost Right with the World is a wry look at the limits of friendship, the bonds that survive divorce, and the lies we tell each other and ourselves in our love relationships.

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Intrigue At A Small Hotel

intriguesmallhotelIntrigue at a Small Hotel is the 6th book in the series about the fictional Hotel Marcel, near The Eiffel Tower, in Paris. Elizabeth, an American widow in her 60’s, pursues the adventures and passions of friends and strangers she encounters on her regular sojourns to the hostelry of which she is so fond.

In Intrigue, a vindictive woman from her past, tries to steal our heroine’s identity. With the help of people who have come to know and care about Elizabeth, the malicious woman is confounded by a mysterious man who enters the picture and foils her wicked intent.

Filled with suspense and devious schemes, there is laughter and love as well: seduction in a lavish hotel suite, a would-be marriage ceremony in a French chateau, and a surprise ending that leaves the reader enthralled.

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The Fifth Voice

fifthvoice‘The Fifth Voice’ is a contemporary story of friendship, the pursuit of a dream, and the inspirational power of music.

The lives of four a cappella singers are far from harmonious. Danny’s marriage is on the rocks, while Vince is struggling with a debilitating illness. Henry is having a mid-life crisis, and Neil is at war with his father. But when they sing together none of that matters. Because something magical happens.

On a mission to compete against the best quartet singers in Britain, they turn to veteran entertainer, Ken, who inspires them to discover a curious vocal technique called The Fifth Voice.

Over the course of a year and several adventures, they make discoveries about the power of music and friendship that help each of them shape the rest of their lives. And when they eventually find The Fifth Voice, they discover a prize much greater than the one they imagined.

‘The Fifth Voice’ is a poignant and comic tale of four lives and a single passion. Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect, The Sing-Off) said of ‘The Fifth Voice’… “A great story, full of memorable characters… a cappella as a metaphor for life!”

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